My Baby Has His Own Ensuite (and other ridiculous things I’ve said in the name of sleep)

[Disclaimer: In parenthood circles, there are few spicier topics of conversation than sleep. It’s great to have a baby who sleeps well. And telling people about it is a great way to make enemies. I am not here to advocate for a specific method of sleep training (or the use of methods at all). We did […]

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I Work(ed) Out

As I write this, I’m eating lasagna. So if you’re hoping for fitness inspiration or – dear God – advice,  it’s best that you leave now. If you’re instead hungry for whining and ramblings about failed weight loss attempts, you’ve come to the right place and I welcome you with my soft, doughy arms. It’s not that I […]

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Kenny Rogers was Right

Inexplicably, one of my favourite songs is Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler.” I heard it for the first time when I was about 11 years old. I love knowing the lyrics to songs, and I memorized that sucker right away and have been singing it under my breath for the past 20 years. Let me tell […]

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I Could Never be Married to Me

I’m not a moron… But I’ve had some bad ideas in my day. We’re talking real stinkers. For example: I planned our honeymoon to include two nights in the jungle in Borneo, forgetting my crippling fear of nature, which extends all the way to very large flowers. And which definitely includes poisonous snakes. I spent […]

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Painting the Town Beige

“Wait, let me put on my non-nursing bra!” I said to Nina and my husband. Nina is our hot, childless friend who came to visit us in Madrid. My parents were also visiting and had offered to stay with the baby so we could go out for the evening. Nina currently lives in Paris and […]

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