A few years ago, I found myself with a job and dental benefits, but no dentist. I had wedding china but continued to eat guacamole for dinner about once a week. So, in keeping with my half-assed life efforts, I started randomly posting things with #juniorgrownup.

Some things have changed since then. I now have a dentist and two children.  But I continue to live in hope that someday, someone in charge will appear and tell me how to make a salad with Belgian endive, or do my taxes without phoning my dad, or iron literally anything.

Greetings from the few minutes of any given week during which I do not look homeless.

If you also suffer from imposter syndrome and feel like you are bumbling through life like the baby in Baby’s Day Out, then you might enjoy my ramblings.

If you maintain perfect bangs, rarely sweat, and/or pride yourself on generally having your sh*t together, then we probably can’t be friends.

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