New things are hard. Wine helps.

“Just effing do it,” she told me. “Stop over thinking about writing and just write.”

Mary is a social media maven who has had enough of my crap. She knows I’ve been thinking about corralling my ramblings into a blog for a long time.

She also knows the reasons I have put it off:

  1. Fear of becoming the Melissa Joan Hart character from Can’t Hardly Wait, who pesters friends by whining at them, “Have you signed my yearbooooook yet?” but with “have you read my bloggggg?”
  2. Fear of starting and stopping after a few entries and having the blog exist forevermore as a sad graveyard of my dream of writing.

But then I drank a few glasses of wine and decided that fear can be the manure in which my blog garden grows. So here we are.

This blog is dedicated to Spanish wine. And to my son.



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