Queen Mommy

During a recent Netflix n’ chill (alone with popcorn) session, I listened to comedian Tom Segura do a spiel about how as parents, we don’t have time to ourselves anymore, but we do have moments. He explained that the days of sleeping till noon, having lunch, and vegging out for the rest of the day […]

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Babywearing is the New Black

I’m here in Spain with my fam. And I’ve noticed over the past three weeks an interesting physical change has befallen my body. I have developed a 15 lb growth on the front of my torso. It inhibits my day-to-day activities, and also disturbs my sleep. It occasionally oozes and emits an unpleasant odor. Other […]

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Pregnant (again)

Soon, we will have a new baby. It was conceived quickly and it will be born from my body in a safe setting with access to medical care. We try not to take our fortituous circumstances for granted. But of course, we do. And I feel badly about it. But not badly enough to keep […]

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