This Post Contains No Original Thought

My first baby just turned three, and I don’t seem to have an original thought in my head.

What comes to mind are clichés. And I hate clichés.

As I reflect on my three years of motherhood (it’s all about me, after all),  I’m wondering if perhaps some clichés are simply the wisdom of parents who have come before me – they are phrases that are overused because they are commonly-held feelings… because, for scores of people, they are true.

Here are some of the unoriginal thoughts that are giving me lots of feelings today.

  • It’s a cliché but it seems true… being a mother is like wearing your heart on the outside of your body.  Three years ago, a baby boy was born and I held him, and my own heart, in my arms.


  • It’s a cliché that I accept as fact… the world shifted on its axis, with my baby at the centre. And I began to view other people as someone’s child, who was once that axis-shifting baby to their parent.


  • It’s a cliché for a reason… in our minds, our baby is made up of the best parts of each of us. Loving and caring for him is an act of narcissism, and, simultaneously, the most selfless thing we’ve ever done.


  • It’s a cliché because it’s a common experience… raising this boy (and his little bro) has been our most complex, challenging, and rewarding adventure yet.


  • It’s a cliché but now I know why… babies are born as their own people; it’s up to us to nurture them and discover who they are.
  • It’s a cliché but I get it now… on your 3rd, 6th, 30th, or 60th birthday, you, sweet boy, will always be my baby. As your mother, I don’t always know what I’m doing, but I always know I was meant to do it.

You are loved beyond measure, beyond reason, and beyond (even your) imagination.

Happy birthday, baby.


~Blog Love~

This post contains images by Anne-Marie Bouchard

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