To my Second, on his First


One year has come and gone, with you here on Earth,

Your arrival was smooth – an uncomplicated birth.

A few hours at the birth centre, and into our arms you came,

It hurt like hell, but then again, for that, you’re not to blame.


When you met your brother, he welcomed you into the fold,

Maybe soon he’ll hug you, instead of that chokehold.


That first week wasn’t easy, as you learned how to nurse,

My tears dripped down my face to yours, and you heard me curse.

We hired experts, worked it out, and those dark days were fleeting,

You took to food and became known as the baby who’s always eating.


Your face was quick to smile, your laugh came early, too,

You earned the nickname Chuckles, when you were still brand-new.

Your features are familiar, a carbon copy of your brother,

But your alarming appetite is directly from your mother.

To my second, on his first, as you grow so speedily,

We cherish who you are, and who you eventually will be.

Thank you for choosing us, when into this world you flew,

It is our joy and privilege to belong to you.

Happy birthday, Chuckles.



~Blog Love~

The above includes photos by (the incredible) Anne-Marie Bouchard

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